YWC COVID-19 Update

Your Wellness Center COVID-19 Policy Update:

Your Wellness Center is still operating and maintaining all care deemed medically necessary and distributing essential prescriptions with current patients. All patients are required to wear an appropriate mask that covers both your mouth and nose. A mask will be provided if needed.

Your Wellness Center is taking the following precautions to limit our Team Member’s and Patient’s exposure to COVID-19:

*We do ask that only patients themselves come into the office and that any friends/family that arrive with them please remain outside in their cars or lobby area.

  • All Team Member’s temperature checked before working every day.
  • All patients are triaged for illness before being seen.
  • All fronts doors, including the doors to the building, are open to decrease touchpoints.
  • Limited chairs in the Waiting Rooms to create a 6-foot separation.
  • If possible, patients are taken directly to their rooms without sitting in the Waiting Room.
  • Social Distancing practices were implemented to all Team Members and Patients, and patients are only examined and touched when necessary with a gloved hand.
  • Tele-medicine has been in place for all follow-up visits by medical providers and the dietician when possible.
  • Sanitizing dispensers are present in the waiting rooms, all patient rooms, and at all Team Member’s desk.
  • All touch surfaces whether being used or not are being completely sanitized twice a day at a minimum. All bathrooms are being wiped down twice a day.
  • Handwashing has been encouraged to Team Members over Hand Sanitizer when possible.
  • All electronic signature pads are being cleaned after every use.
  • Every patient room is being cleaned and wiped down after every use.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office at 513-791-9474