Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

What Type of Weight Loss Program Does YWC Offer?

Here at Your Wellness Center, we strive to help patients create a new, healthy lifestyle. We are proud to offer a top-of-the-line, medically-supervised Weight Loss Programwith the assistance of the Robard New Direction supplemental product line. Our program is medically-supervised by a Bariatric Board Certified Physician and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and is supplemented with outside fitness staff. We are committed to providing clients with the very best nutritional and hormone supplements, and have formulated our program and related products to provide a healthy, internal balance.

As a whole-health wellness center, we also understand that weight loss is not just about calories consumed vs. calories expended. Our clients have often been committed to daily exercise and eating healthier, and yet their struggle to lose weight continues. As weight loss and hormone specialists, we know that genetics, lifestyle, pregnancy, and aging all contribute to our bodies becoming inefficient. If hormone levels (such as thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, etc.) are not optimized, our body can’t work efficiently, and will therefore struggle to rid itself of excess weight. If you have been trying to lose weight with no success and feel that you may be a candidate for hormone therapy as well as weight loss, click HERE for more information on how our Hormone Replacement Therapy program works.

What Unique Programs Does YWC Offer?

Our weight loss program is individually-designed based on the client’s medical history, daily routines, professional obligations, and goals.

  • Program 6 is designed for clients with a weight loss goal of 5-10% of body weight. Clients are required to meet with the dietitian bi-weekly for a total of 6 visits, each lasting 30-45 minutes. This program expires after a period of 4 months. Product is not included.
  • Program 12 is designed for clients with a weight loss goal of >10% of body weight. Clients are required to meet with the dietitian biweekly for a total of 12 visits, each lasting 30-45 minutes. This program expires after a period of 7 months. Product is not included.

How Do the Programs Work?

1. Initial Consultation Appointment

Your Initial Consultation for the our Weight Loss Program will provide time for our medical provider to answer all of your questions. Our providers will review your personal and family medical history, past weight loss attempts, current medications, daily and personal weight loss obstacles, current symptoms, and patient goals and timetables. Together, you will discuss and develop a plan of action based off of our two programs.

Before your Initial Consultation, we ask that you complete the Medical History Form so that our providers can screen the application to determine if any metabolic bloodwork needs to be reviewed at the time of the appointment.

If bloodwork is necessary, we ask that you have a blood draw 1-2 weeks before the appointment. You can schedule to have your blood drawn at Your Wellness Center or any LabCorp Inc. at your convenience.

2. Bi-Weekly Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments occur bi-weekly. Our providers will review current progress, make adaptations to the personalized plan, and go over any questions and/or concerns that you may have. The follow-up appointments are designed to last 30-45 minutes. Over the course of this “adapting” phase, clients will gain an understanding of what the meal should look like in terms of macronutrients, portion control, and appropriate timing of the meal.

As clients progress through the Weight Loss Program, they begin to incorporate traditional menu planning, grocery shopping, and cooking that aims to provide steady weight loss or help maintain ideal levels. Once clients feel comfortable, confident, and in control of their meals, they will graduate to the “maintenance” phase. They will have completely worked whole food meals back into their daily nutritional regime, and will understand what their unique daily nutritional needs are in order to remain at their goal weight or to continue their weight loss journey.

Is There a Meal Replacement Plan?

Yes, the nutritional education part of the Weight Loss Program utilizes the Robard New Direction meal replacement (MR) plan. Meal Replacements are prescribed by the providers, and clients will only be able to purchase the meal replacements while in the program and before the expiration of their customized program.

If our dietitian determines that the client has reached a maintenance level, future scheduled visits will be at the discretion of the dietitian. While in maintenance, patients are able to purchase meal replacements as needed.

Current clients can spice up their meal replacements by downloading and using the New Direction Recipe Book. Our providers can answer any questions you may have during your bi-weekly follow-up appointments.

Does YWC’s Weight Loss Program Consider Thyroid Issues, Hormone Imbalances, and Medications?

We understand that weight loss success does not necessarily start and stop with diet and exercise alone. There may be numerous other inhibiting factors such as hormonal imbalance, antidepressants, and cholesterol medications, untreated hypothyroidism, etc. With that in mind, additional services may be suggested for you to reach your wellness goals. Check out the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy here.

What are Realistic Expectations for the program?

Realistic expectations depend on the client’s health concerns and their desired quality of life. We have helped clients achieve weight loss of 200+ pounds, while others have been successful with goals of losing 40 lbs. As expected with any weight loss program, more weight will be lost in the beginning of the program, and this loss will begin to slow as clients near their personal goal.

Most men can expect to lose 12-20 lbs in the first month; women can expect to lose 8-15 pounds during the same time. As important as it is to reach a particular weight loss goal, we are more focused on teaching you nutritional control, knowledge, and confidence. This ultimately enables you to take back control of your life.

Am I a Candidate?

The majority of our weight loss clients look to lose between 5-25% of their body weight (typically 30+ pounds). They typically have a BMI of 27 or above, and have been diagnosed with co-morbidities such as diabetes/pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), and high cholesterol. Many clients are also searching for an alternative to Bariatric Surgery, and wish to alleviate joint pain and body aches associated with excessive weight.

Our clients typically consist of men and women who are 2nd shift workers, traveling businessmen and women, busy parents, and retirees. The complexities of these lifestyles often create struggles with food choice, nutrient timing, portion control, grocery shopping, emotional eating, binge eating, and self-discipline when dining out.

Candidates for the program are most successful when they are highly motivated by impending social events, health concerns, and/or the desire to enjoy a better quality of life with their families. It is vital that those who enroll in the program are compliant with the program designed for them, and that they find a strong support system to help them with the journey.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us below or submit an online consultation form to learn more about how we can help you achieve the nutrition goals you desire. Our medical providers will work with you to develop a treatment plan to help you reach your health goals.

Our Case Studies


Greg came to us in February of 2016 after struggling with his weight for the past 10-15 years. At 57 years old, he found himself with a busy and stressful life that included two kids, one in high school and one in college, and a sedentary position at work. Due to these circumstances, he couldn’t find much time to exercise or eat healthy. He often skipped breakfast and found himself overeating at night. This led to weight gain, which in turn caused other complications, including joint pain, sleep apnea, lack of energy, high blood pressure, and cholesterol issues.

Dr. Lovett worked with Greg to develop a plan unique to Greg, his goals, and his lifestyle. Greg started in stage one (complete meal replacement plan) for a month to give his body a chance to reset before adding whole food meals back into his daily routine. Over 6 months, Greg met with our dietitian and progressed through the program. Below are his overall results, which he (and us) couldn’t be more excited about. Greg is finally able to act with nutritional confidence and take control of his weight and life.

weight loss


Linda’s story is truly unique due to the nature of her journey with us. In April of 2016, at 60 years old, Linda came to us for help losing weight. She worked a part-time job so she could spend as much time as she could with her grandchildren. But she worried her weight held her back, and even threatened her future. Linda wanted to change her life around so she could enjoy many more years with her grandchildren.

Dr. Lovett met with Linda to discuss her symptoms, which included cholesterol issues, sleep loss, and joint pain. They worked together to set long term goals that were more focused on improving her overall quality of life rather than a specific weight goal. Due to the amount of weight she needed to lose to achieve her goals, Linda spent two months in stage one (complete meal replacement plan). Over 10 months, Linda progressed through our program. At 5’2”, she started at 212 lbs and ended up losing over 83 pounds! We are extremely proud of Linda and everything she has accomplished.

weight loss