Weight Loss Program

Weight is just a number, let’s talk about Quality of Life

Believe it or not, most of our patients start their weight loss journey because they want a better quality of life; not just because they want to change a number on the scale. In fact, most people who are interested in our medically-supervised Weight Loss Program would rather see results that let them:

  • Run around and play with their kids or grandkids again
  • Take vacations (and easily buckle airplane seatbelts)
  • Have more energy and breathe easier
  • Do the little things again, like tying their shoes
  • Soften the pressure on joints for easier movement
  • Sleep better and wake up feeling more rested
  • Stop relying on medications for diabetes, hypertension/high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more
  • Fall in love with themselves again

How our Weight Loss Program empowers you!

We understand that weight loss is not just about the number on the scale. It’s also about understanding what you should eat and fitting it into your busy schedules. Thus, our Weight Loss Program is here to:

  • Guide you through the development of a new lifestyle and mindset when it comes to personal nutrition
  • Help maintain a high level of accountability with bi-weekly visits and open communication channels
  • Utilize (when necessary) high-quality meal replacements designed to provide all the daily nutrients and keep you full longer
  • Investigate possible hormonal and metabolic limitations that may be inhibiting or slowing down your weight loss journey
  • Design our program around your individual needs, medical history, daily routines, professional obligations, and personal goals
  • Check out our latest SUCCESS STORY HERE!

The big 3

If you’re interested in our Weight Loss Program, you’re probably wondering about:

  1. The goals of the program
  2. Creating a sustainable lifestyle change
  3. Living a life that inspires others
Focus 1: Goals of the program

We understand that there are internal and external factors that may be impacting your health and happiness. Although weight can be one such obstacle, it’s not our sole focus here at Your Wellness Center. The amount of weight lost is simply a quantitative measurement to guide and encourage you as you start seeing your overall quality of life improving.

In short, even though we strive to help you lose 5-30% of your body weight, our main goals include:

  • Empowering you to take control of your health
  • Supporting your goals with education, correcting underlying barriers, and using meal replacements and individualized plans
  • Reducing the number of medications you rely on (ex. type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol)
  • Improving your quality of life and making this change sustainable beyond the program
Focus 2: A sustainable lifestyle change

Your journey isn’t defined by a number on a scale, nor is it a diet that you’ll toss to the side after the program ends. The journey you take with us is about creating a sustainable lifestyle that nourishes you, your family, and your future. We start this sustainability by asking you for your “12 Reasons Why” – the big and little things that encourage you to be your best self. We strive to make sure you can check them off at the end of the program. Your success is what you want it to be!

You don’t want to regain the weight and negative health conditions after the program, and neither do we! Together, we will create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle by the time your program ends.

Focus 3: Living a life that inspires others

Many people trying to create a healthier lifestyle have people that look up to them: spouses, children, friends, family, even coworkers. By taking charge of your health and leading by example, you can inspire others to take steps towards their own happiness. Your energy, positivity, and confidence will be contagious!

Fill out our online consultation form to get started with us

The easiest way to get started with the Weight Loss Program is to fill out a health history form. Our provider and dietitian will look over your goals and health history before contacting you to get your initial bloodwork scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our program includes:

  • A comprehensive bloodwork panel to determine underlying metabolic and hormonal issues
  • An initial consultation with our Board Certified Physician in Obesity Medicine
  • A detailed consultation with a Registered Dietitian to pick the best program for you
  • Bi-weekly appointments with our dietitian (6 or 12, depending on the program)
  • Customized guidebook and other resources for tracking progress
  • Body impedance (composition) measurements
  • Email support

We also offer combination treatment plans. If your bloodwork shows signs of other underlying issues, we can combine your weight loss program with our Hormone Replacement Therapy. This will help you feel better quicker and see results faster. Plus, this may be an important reason why you gained weight in the first place.

Yes. For the first 2-4 weeks, we recommend using our Robard New Direction meal replacements to ensure your body can enter a healthy, fat-burning state. They provide 100% of the nutrients you need, so you still feel full and satisfied. This will cost $125-$150/week for the first month., and will be substituted for daily food so you won’t need to budget for other groceries.

robard new direction

As you progress, you will need fewer replacements, and traditional food will be re-incorporated into your lifestyle. Our dietitian will guide you to make lifestyle changes that empower you to integrate a new, healthy meal plan into your life. Guidance can include the best way to discover new recipes that fit into your plan, navigating parties and restaurants, and incorporating exercise back into your life.

You can use the New Direction Recipe Book to spice up your meal replacements. Our dietitian also shares recipes over on our blog, so make sure you sign up for our Newsletter to stay in the know!

  1. Fill out our online consultation form.
  2. We’ll contact you to schedule your initial blood draw.*
  3. You’ll visit us or a LabCorp near you for your blood draw 1-2 weeks before your first appointment with us.
  4. We’ll contact you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Lovett once we receive your blood draw results.
  5. You’ll meet with Dr. Lovett for the initial consultation.
  6. You’ll meet with our Registered Dietitian, Alyssa, for your bi-weekly appointments.

* We require comprehensive bloodwork to determine if there are underlying health conditions affecting your weight and overall health. We often find many patients have an undiagnosed thyroid condition or low hormones that prevent your body from functioning at its optimal level. This decreases the chance that your body can process food and/or exercise the way it should.

The initial consultation will give you the opportunity to ask our medical provider any questions you have. Dr. Lovett will also discuss your:

  • Personal and family medical history
  • Current medications and symptoms
  • Bloodwork (to understand if any hormonal imbalances are affecting your health and weight loss attempts; for example, thyroid, testosterone, autoimmune diseases)
  • Plan of care (treatment options and medications)
  • Samples of products before meeting with the Registered Dietitian

After the initial appointment with Dr. Lovett, you will meet bi-weekly with our Registered Dietitian. Your first appointment with her will include:

  • Reviewing your past weight loss attempts and personal obstacles
  • Discussing your 12 Reasons Why (realistic and achievable goals)
  • Planning your personalized timetable
  • Developing a plan of care based on our two programs

All follow-up appointments occur bi-weekly and last 45-60 minutes. Our dietitian will:

  • Review current progress
  • Weigh in on our BIA scale to review your body composition
  • Make adaptations to the personalized plan
  • Go over any questions or concerns you have
  • Provide you with an individualized meal plan

Over the course of the “adapting” phase, you’ll gain an understanding of what the meal should look like in terms of macronutrients, portion control, and appropriate timing of the meal.

As you progress, you’ll incorporate traditional menu planning, grocery shopping, and cooking that aims to provide steady weight loss or help maintain ideal levels. Once you feel comfortable, confident, and in control of your meals, you’ll graduate to the “maintenance” phase. At this point, you will have completely worked whole food meals back into your daily nutritional regime and will understand what your unique daily nutritional needs are in order to remain at your goal weight or to continue your weight loss journey.

Realistic Expectations

Each person finds that their weight loss success depends on how much effort they put into their journey. In the first month, women typically lose 8-15 lbs and men typically lose 12-20 lbs. We’ve helped people lose 200+ lbs, as well as 40 lbs, so no matter your goal, we can help you achieve it.

We often hear statements like:

  • “I know what to eat, but I just can’t make healthy choices on my own.”
  • “I’ve been eating healthy and exercising, but I just can’t lose weight.”
  • “I rarely eat breakfast and/or lunch and find myself overeating at dinner.”
  • “I continually snack throughout the day and typically continues to late in the night.”
  • “I don’t know how much I should be eating.”
  • “I travel for work and don’t have the ability to prepare food in a kitchen and struggle making appropriate decisions at restaurants.”

Many of our patients find that their complex lifestyles can create struggles with:

  • Food choice
  • Nutrient timing
  • Portion control
  • Grocery shopping
  • Emotional eating or binge eating
  • Self-discipline when dining out
  • Exercising
  • Weight control post-pregnancy or post-menopausal

If this sounds like you, it’s okay. Many of our patients feel alone in their journey prior to joining our program. That’s why we treat you like family: to give you guidance, support, and empower you to take back charge over your health.