What is diVa Tyte Vaginal Therapy?

diVaTyte Vaginal Therapy is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure used to tighten the skin around the vaginal opening and vaginal folds (or lips) with no downtime. As our skin ages and the vagina is stretched due to childbirth, its base foundation known as the dermal matrix begins to lose its tight, interwoven structure as some of its elastin and collagen strands become stretched. There is also a decreased production of collagen and elastin.The diVaTyte procedure is based on the principle of selective “photothermolysis”, which utilizes infrared thermal energy to deeply heat collagen for increased skin tightening and firmness. Powerful cooling maintains a cool temperature on the outer surface of your skin before, during, and after each pulse providing the patient a comfortable and safe procedure.

What are the Treatment Areas?

diVa Tyte Vaginal Therapy treatments are safe for all skin colors and are performed on targeted structures of the vaginal opening and vaginal folds.

What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

The diVaTyte light energy is delivered in a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses. Typically, a topical anesthetic is not used, however, our medical provider may choose to use one on more sensitive areas. A series of pulses will be repeated over the treatment area to ensure the best results.

How Long Does One Treatment Take?

While treatment areas can vary, the treatment usually lasts between 10-20 minutes.

How Many Treatments are Recommended?

Typically, 3-5 treatment sessions are recommended to achieve maximum collagen-rebuilding and skin-firming, however, our medical providers will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan. Clients may see immediate firming results right after treatment, but the full effect of improvement is achieved several months after treatment as collagen continues to rebuild.

What Should I Expect After the Treatment? How Long Will it Take to Recover?

The diVaTyte treatment is non-invasive, so there is no downtime. Clients can immediately resume their normal activities with no visible signs of treatment. Mild redness may be experienced in the treated area, but this will fade away within minutes post-treatment. A home skin care regimen may also be recommended by the provider.

Am I Able to Have Other Laser or Light Treatments?

Yes, the most common treatment done in conjunction with diVa Tyte is diVa™.  diVa is the first and only revolutionary Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL) technology that resurfaces and improves the quality of vaginal tissue. diVa can be performed on women of all ages, and is most commonly used to treat vaginal laxity (looseness), vaginal atrophy (thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls), urinary incontinence, scar tissue from an episiotomy, and painful intercourse.

Am I a Candidate?

The procedure is recommended for women who desire mild-to-moderate tightening of the vaginal opening and vaginal folds, creating a more aesthetically pleasing look without surgery.

Find out if you’re a candidate with this free diVa self-assessment.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us below to learn more about how we can help you regain your confident, sensual self, or submit an online consultation form to setup a consultation. Our certified expert will work with you to develop a treatment plan to help you reach your sexual health goals! If you haven’t had a chance, check out the latest diVa testimonial HERE!