Kaitlyn is amazing!

5.0 rating
March 9, 2020

If you want to find someone who does injectables, Kaitlyn is the perfect match! It definitely helps that she is a NP and knows her way around needles. She never gives too much filler because she wants the results to look natural. I do Botox and Lip Filler and she always makes me feel very comfortable. I just had two rounds of BBL on my face and it is amazing how radiant my skin is. I had some sun damage (I don’t tan my face and use sunscreen, sunglasses and hats religiously) and a couple of sun spots that have almost disappeared. Had one treatment of BBL on my chest and it is incredible how much that treatment lightened up the sun damage after just one visit. BBL is literally pain-free. I would highly recommend Kaitlyn and Your Wellness Center. Everyone there truly wants what is best for you. A friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Beth McCoy

My wellness journey started with a visit to Dr. Lovitt, he is amazing!

5.0 rating
September 9, 2019

My sister started it all, she posted a FB post that she had lost 50 pounds! I had to know how…visiting Your Wellness Center and Dr. Lovett blew my mind! He pointed out all the issues I had with my blood draw and told me that he will work to get me to optimum health! I was slightly skeptical but needed it badly. I stared with the HRT first, with Dr. Lovett telling me what to expect within the first weeks of treatment. He wasn’t kidding! I felt energy, motivation to “do” things, got my libido back and was able to sleep through the night, which was a huge benefit to my overall wellbeing.
After one months time I signed up for the weight management with Alyssa Kessel and she guided me through the process of losing 61 pounds! I went from 191 to 130 in 9 weeks time. Now she is guiding me through the process of my weight maintenance as this is definitely a life style change for me.
I can not thank Your Wellness Center, Dr. Lovett and staff enough for helping me get my life back and on the road to a better me! LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!

Rhonda Bennett

Hormone Replacement Therapy

5.0 rating
August 27, 2019

I experienced several health issues including colon cancer, and problems/severe pain with my shoulder. I did have three (3) surgeries for the colon cancer, and then shoulder surgery was recommended to me. I received a referral to the Wellness Center by my physical therapist, who reported that she thought all of my health issues were hormone related. I would have never thought such a thing!
I followed up with her recommendation and scheduled an appointment with the Wellness Center. I was informed by Judy Couch how all of my health issues could be hormone related. All of my doctors were in total agreement. There is now no trace of my colon cancer! And my shoulder surgery was cancelled! I feel as if all of the needed information was given up front, when I attended my initial consultation with Judy.
Hormone replacement therapy has made a tremendous difference in my life!! I hardly ever have a day where I do not feel well now! I feel better than I ever have! I would highly recommend hormone replacement therapy to others!!
A firm believer!
Rosalind A. Freeman

Rosalind A. Freeman

Alyssa is a wonderful dietician

5.0 rating
July 6, 2018

Your Wellness Center is great!! The staff is so friendly and eager to help! Alyssa is a wonderful dietician. She was able to help me with my weight loss goals and develop a healthy diet I can follow for many years to come.

Amanda Morrison

Kaitlyn is so incredible!

5.0 rating
June 14, 2018

Kaitlyn is so incredible! She is so nice and spends time with you to explain everything and give you your best options. She always responds to emails very quickly and makes you feel very comfortable during your treatments!

Bailey Mendlik