The ZOⓇ Getting Skin Ready™ Treatment Program Improves the Quality and Appearance of Photoaged Skin

Summary of the Study:

Background: Photoaged skin is associated with dry skin, loss of elasticity and unattractive appearance which may be lead to decreased self-esteem and diminished quality of life.

Objective: The objective of this 8-week study was to assess the beneficial effects of the ZO® Getting Skin Ready™ Treatment Program for improving the quality and appearance of photoaged skin.

Methods: Participating subjects (N=35) applied the ZO® Treatment Program each morning and evening. Subjects were evaluated at Baseline and Weeks 2, 4 and 8.

Results: Use of the ZO® GSR™ resulted significant objective and subjective improvements in photoaged skin. As there was no moisturizing agent, the GSR™ System did not improve skin hydration. The ZO® GSR™ Treatment Program was well-tolerated.

Conclusion: The use of the ZO® Getting Skin Ready™ Treatment Program improves the appearance and quality of photoaged skin.

Published by ZO Skin Health (2018)

At Week 4, subjects demonstrated reduction in skin roughness (45%), sebum (69%), redness (15%), and dirt (68%) with improvement in skin dryness (37%), moisturization (44%), clarity (16%), smoothness (52%), softness (51%), radiance (17%), and overall appearance (24%).

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