Pore Refiner Shrinks Pores, Smooths Skin

Summary of the Study:

“In a recent study, a new pore-refining regimen that uses safe natural and botanical ingredients helped women achieve significant improvements in pore size and skin texture while reducing oiliness over 4 weeks’ use. The new at-home regimen requires no prescription or downtime – just AM and PM application. The vast majority of study participants said that using the pore refiner provided visible improvements in parameters such as overall skin appearance, texture, smoothness and number of visible pores.

All 32 participants completed the study. Mean baseline qualification scores for pore size and skin texture as determined at the initial evaluation were 6.6 and 5.6, respectively. No irritation occurred in any subject during the course of the study. No less important is the fact that at all follow-up visits, the study product achieved statistically significant improvements in pore size, based on image analysis, and in skin oiliness, based on Sebumeter measurements.”

Published by ZO Skin Health

Combined with the statistically significant reductions in objective measures including pore size, sebum levels and skin texture at various time points, subjects’ responses support the conclusion that the pore refiner regimen effectively addressed several key parameters in the battle against problematic pores.

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