CoolSculpting for Professionals

coolsculpting for professionals

You’re busy. We get that.

We know how time-crunched your days are: running from one meeting to the next, answering emails around the clock, hopping on numerous conference calls, and trying to grab a healthy bite to eat between all of this. If you have children, your time before and after work can be just as hectic.

With little time for the gym, you may notice that you are a little less slim in those suits or business casual dresses. This can impact how you see yourself, and ultimately the confidence that you carry into important meetings.

If this sounds familiar, don’t fret. We have a solution we think you’ll love: CoolSculpting.

  • No needles, no surgery, no downtime
  • See Results in 90 days

What you’ll get

  • 20% off all CoolSculpting packages + a gift bag of samples and other goodies
  • 4 complimentary Z Wave treatments (an $800 value)

Why us?

  • We’re certified and have performed over 1,000 treatments
  • We optimize your results with add-on treatments like SkinTyte and Z Wave
  • We offer complimentary wifi, Netflix, drinks, and snacks while you work or relax

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