HRT Trainings

hormone training

What You Get

Generated from feedback by clients just like you, our program focuses on the areas you want to learn or improve, not the services you’re already an expert on. 
hrt training

Personalized Training Structure

  • Learn basic to advanced treatment techniques in hormone replacement therapy
  • Learn practice startup and growth processes
  • Receive training tailored for you, whether you’re part of the front desk, a director, provider, or manager
  • Walk through our clinic, ask questions, and take pictures
  • Receive certification for completed trainings
  • Leave feeling confident in achieving natural hormone optimization

          Ongoing Support

            • Ask and receive answers to questions when you need them
            • Receive recommendations and resources for continuing your education
            • Receive year-long access to online provider portal containing:
              • Training documents
              • Educational and procedural videos
              • Proper protocol and equipment setting instructions
              • Client forms
              • Other must-have information to be a successful HRT clinic

            What We’ll Handle

            To ensure you receive the best training available, we’ll handle details like:
            • Booking real patients when necessary
            • Working with your team at your pace so everyone leaves an expert
            • Sharing our successes and failures, so you know what to do and what to avoid

            What We Offer

            Check out the details below on the variety of training modules we offer.



            The Complete Consultation & Follow-Up Module is designed for all providers diagnosing and treating the patients.

            • Covers the Initial Patient Consultation, Peak and Trough Follow-Ups, and Quarterly Follow-Ups.
            • Covers all patient bloodwork necessary before the Initial Consultation, as well as bloodwork needed prior to the Follow-Up visits as well.
            • This is a Half-Day Module lasting 3-5 hours and includes observing both Initial and Follow-Up Consultations.

            The Program Logistics Module is designed for medical directors, managers, and front desk personnel.

            • Covers all necessary patient forms, recommended appointment scheduling procedures/timing, all program costs, insertion kit supplies, and medical supplies.
            • Covers recommended 503B Compounding Pharmacies that provide compounded bio-identical pellets and creams.
            • The goal of the Module is that you grasp a full understanding of the day-to-day operations, both on the patient-facing side and t he behind-the-scenes operations.
            • Those that attend this module will spend time with YWC Front Desk personnel, as well as our Director of Operations and any necessary medical providers.

            The Research/Dosing/Contraindication Module is designed for all providers diagnosing and treating the patients.

            • Covers relevant evidence-based research on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, as well as Dosing protocols for patients and contraindications.
            • This Module is also a great refresher course, evidence-based research advances and continues to be published each year, which can alter the science behind dosing and contraindications.

            The Insertions 101 Module is designed to cover the entire insertion process, including rooming the patient, the actual insertion, and follow-up instructions.

            • Covers how to set up the room, prepare the kits and injections, prep the patient, perform the procedure, and what instructions to provide the patient once the procedure is complete.
            • This is a Half-Day Module lasting anywhere from 3-5 hours.
            • Each provider will have the opportunity to first see an insertion performed and then perform 3-5 themselves with YWC Staff direction.
            • Patients will be provided by YWC.