HRT Trainings

Your Wellness Center opened with 3 employees on November 15th, 2013 with 1,200 square feet. Today, we have 14 employees and over 6,500 square feet. We have experienced 6 straight years of double-digit growth, exceeding $3M in annual revenue in 2019. With consistently adding over 600 new patients, facilitating highly successful Men’s & Women’s Health Events as well as exceeding over 2,500 insertions in 2019, Your Wellness Center is one of the most successful Hormone Replacement Therapy Centers in the Midwest. Running a successful clinic has taught us the value of having highly trained and educated staff. All of the Hormone Replacement Therapy Training for The Institute is provided first-hand from the providers and/or staff within Your Wellness Center.

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Provider Training ($2,500 – includes Insertions 101)

Designed for all providers diagnosing and treating the patients, the training includes:

  • Covers the Initial Patient Consultation, Peak and Trough Follow-Ups, and Quarterly Follow-Ups.
  • Covers all patient bloodwork necessary before the Initial Consultation, as well as bloodwork needed prior to the Follow-Up visits as well.
  • This includes observing both Initial and Follow-Up Consultations.
  • Covers relevant evidence-based research on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, as well as Dosing protocols for patients and contraindications.
  • This Module is also a great refresher course, evidence-based research advances and continues to be published each year, which can alter the science behind dosing and contraindications.
  • Check out YWC Medical Director Dr. William Lovett and Judy Couch discussing the importance of HRT HERE!


Office Manager & Director Training ($1,500)

Designed for medical directors, managers, and front desk personnel, the training includes

  • Covers all necessary patient forms, recommended appointment scheduling procedures/timing, all program costs, insertion kit supplies, and medical supplies.
  • Covers recommended 503B Compounding Pharmacies that provide compounded bio-identical pellets and creams.
  • The goal of the Module is that you grasp a full understanding of the day-to-day operations, both on the patient-facing side and the behind-the-scenes operations.
  • Those that attend this module will spend time with YWC Front Desk personnel, as well as our Director of Operations and any necessary medical providers.


          Insertions 101 Training ($1,500)

          Designed to cover the entire insertion process, including rooming the patient, the actual insertion, and follow-up instructions, the training includes:

          • Covers how to set up the room, prepare the kits and injections, prep the patient, perform the procedure, and what instructions to provide the patient once the procedure is complete.
          • Each provider will have the opportunity to first see an insertion performed and then perform 3-5 themselves with YWC Staff direction.
          • Patients will be provided by YWC.
          • Check out the YWC Pellet Insertion Video HERE!


          For any questions and/or to discuss Hormone Replacement Therapy Training, please click the button below and submit a training request or call (513)791-9474