Hormone Conditions

Hormone Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the Hormone Replacement/Optimization Therapy Program at Your Wellness Center. Based on the condition that you just chose, you are a candidate for the program.

Our typical client comes to us between the ages of 30-65, and may be experiencing what is medically considered menopause or andropause (male menopause) symptoms, but are often not commercially advertised. The majority of the population believes that menopause and andropause are indicated by hot flashes, night sweats, erectile dysfunction, and lack of libido. While these are true symptoms, the majority of our clients also struggle with the following:

  • Joint pain
  • Gaining weight for no apparent reason or struggling to lose weight even though they are exercising daily and eating healthily
  • Loss of muscle mass and/or difficulty building muscle mass
  • Lack of motivation which prevents them from getting exercise
  • Chronic fatigue or lack of energy leading to afternoon naps and falling asleep on the couch
  • Inability to get a full night’s’ sleep, leaving them restless and relying on caffeine
  • Feeling as though they are always in a mental fog with short term memory issues
  • Mood swings, as well as feeling irritable and/or depressed
  • Lack of libido, vaginal dryness, and/or erectile dysfunction

Each client experiences a unique mixture of these symptoms. Some hormonal changes happen overnight, while others can be a gradual change over multiple years or even a decade. But there is one universal truth: no one knows your body like you do. If you think something is wrong or missing, trust what  your body is telling you.

Here at Your Wellness Center, we believe that Hormone Replacement Therapy can be the spark to change your life around, give you the energy and motivation to get back in the gym, strengthen relationships, and help you continue to make positive changes in your life.

Examples of Patients with Hormone Deficiency

A typical male client will come in frustrated that he hasn’t been able to lose any weight or gain muscle even though he has increased his exercise regimen and has made drastic changes to his diet. He frequently falls asleep on the couch at night and has noticed a decrease in his libido which is now affecting his most personal relationship.

A woman, on the other hand, will present hot flashes, consistent and gradual weight gain even though she hasn’t changed her diet, and can’t remember the last time she was able to get a full night of sleep. She has no libido and will randomly become emotional for no reason at all.

Do I Have a Hormone Imbalance?

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