Acne Treatment

Acne is the most common skin disease. Over 80 million Americans have acne, with 80% of them being teenagers and young adults (due to the fluctuating hormone levels during puberty). Out of those teenagers and young adults, 40% never seek treatment for their acne. While many have accepted acne as just “part of going through puberty”, it doesn’t have to be the new normal. In fact, acne can be caused by genetic predisposition, diet, stress, lack of proper facial hygiene, certain drugs, cosmetics, and environmental conditions such as high humidity.

While there are numerous options for treating acne, our providers understand that everyone has unique skin and requires individualized treatment plans. Our experts will work with you to develop the best treatment plan for you, including education on proper facial hygiene, recommended skincare products, and in-office treatments.

If acne scarring is also a concern, check out our acne scarring treatment options.

Acne Treatment Treatments Options