Why is CBD the Most Trending Thing Right Now? (Part 1)

Guest Post by Kaitlin Bolt-Lovett, RD

As a registered dietitian and owner of A Life Nourished, I get a lot of questions about CBD. What is it? How can it be used? How do you take it to get the most benefits? I would love to answer those questions and more today. Let’s get to it!

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the compounds in the plant cannabis. There are hundreds of chemical compounds in the plant, but CBD specifically is a non-hallucinogenic that can have tons of benefits for us.

CBD is one of hundreds of chemicals found in the cannabis plant. It is found mostly in the bud or flower of the cannabis plant. Industrial hemp is higher in CBD than some of the other plants, but it is also lower in THC. THC is the hallucinogenic that we associate with cannabis or marijuana. That’s the chemical that gives you the “high”; CBD does not have that effect at all.

What does CBD do, exactly?

CBD works to basically bring our bodies back to equilibrium. We can use it in a multitude of ways, but no matter how we think we might be using CBD, it could be doing something very different in our bodies. That’s what’s so wonderful about it! It can help in a cascade of ways so that it’s not just focusing on one function of the body, it’s looking at the overall picture and how it can help.

cbd oil

CBD is great for things like:

  • Inflammation all over the body
  • Gut motility
  • IBS
  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety and depression

The list goes on, and again, it’s wonderful because it brings us back to equilibrium. So, for example, if it’s helping inflammation in the gut, that will in turn help improve anxiety and depression because that’s where some of that stems from.

Plus, because it’s non-hallucinogenic, it’s safe to use throughout the day. It can be used in your morning coffee or at night. It’s helpful for sleeping, but doesn’t make you sleepy. CBD simply relaxes your system so you can fall into a deeper sleep.

How does CBD work?

CBD works in our body through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is found all over the body, brain, immune system, and gut. CBD interacts with those receptors and our natural endogenous cannabinoids in our bodies to improve your health.

What forms does CBD come in?

There are many ways you can intake CBD, including:

  • Tinctures
  • Vape pens
  • Topical creams
  • In foods and beverages


cbd oilOne of my favorite ways to take CBD is to use a tincture (aka CBD Oil). This is basically CBD added to a fat (usually coconut oil) and accessed through a dropper. You can put a couple of drops in warm drinks, smoothies, or under your tongue. If you do put it under your tongue, hold it for 30 seconds before swallowing and taking a sip of water. This will ensure you’ll get a longer effect as it goes through your system.

Vape Pen

This is a good solution for travel. If you’re sitting in the car and starting to get frustrated at the traffic, the vape pen is going to hit your system faster (but it’ll also leave your system faster than a tincture would). Again, it’s not going to get you high, it just takes off that anxiety edge.


There are also topical salves, lotions, and creams, which are wonderful for sore muscles.

Food and Beverages

Many companies are coming out with different ways to incorporate CBD. These include club sodas, gummies, tea, and even honey you can use in tea. It’s fun to play around and see what you enjoy.

Still have questions?dietitian

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I have a whole blog post on CBD and cannabis, breaking it down a little bit more with some great information about different studies.You can also ask me questions by filling out my form here.

Join us next Monday for part 2: what to look for when buying CBD & FAQs!

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