Tips, Tricks, & Treats for a Healthy Halloween that Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Tips, Tricks, & Treats for a Healthy Halloween that Won’t Ruin Your Diet
By Alyssa Kessel, RDN, LD, Expert Dietitian

Halloween is coming up soon and you know what that means: parties and sweets! If you are trying to stay healthy this fall, you probably want to be prepared for the overwhelming amounts of empty calories thrown your way. Lucky for you, I have some advice on creating a healthy Halloween and avoiding the scary consequences.

Appetizer ideas

Halloween parties are full of fun distractions, including creative costumes and festive décor, making it more challenging to indulge in food and drinks. 

trick or treat
Healthy appetizer recipes…
halloween recipe

Candy ideas

It’s nearly impossible to avoid the temptations of Halloween candy at the grocery stores right now. The secret to success is calorie intake, which means choosing appropriate portions and being aware of the extra calories that can add up!

Healthy candy substitute recipes…pumpkin recipes

Drink ideas

If you’re attending or hosting a Halloween party this year, I’m sure there will be a festive drink served. Avoid the sugary punch, hot chocolates, and milkshakes by bringing your own tasty drink this Halloween.

Healthy drinks recipes…healthy cocktails

Hopefully, this has helped you realize that your health goals and having a fun Halloween don’t have to clash. If you need a weight loss coach this fall, you can read about our weight loss program or fill out our online consultation form to get started with us. We’re here and ready to help you get started. Have a wonderful Halloween!

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