What Does Testosterone Do for Women?

Men aren’t the only ones who need testosterone. Did you know that women need it too? Testosterone in women helps them to both feel better and improve their quality of life, just as it does for men. Are you wondering if you should consider testosterone for yourself? Keep reading to learn more.

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What Does Testosterone in Women Do?

Our bodies have many hormones and keeping these balanced (optimal) helps us to feel better, function better, and improve our quality of life.  There are two feel-good hormones in women: testosterone, which we will talk about here, and thyroid.  When we are teen girls, our testosterone levels are at the best they can be.  We have energy and good muscle mass, our brains function optimally, and in general—we feel wonderful!

But, as we get older, our bodies slow the production of these “feel good” hormones and we are left feeling sluggish and slow. We may have more depression and anxiety.  Muscle mass declines, and we feel weaker than we used to.  We don’t think as quickly as we used to and we can’t lose the weight we used to be able to shed so easily.  Low levels of testosterone in women are seen in persistent, unexplained fatigue and contribute to a decreased sense of well-being.  Low levels of testosterone have also been found in those with cardiovascular disease.

How Does Low Testosterone In Women Affect Libido? 

Do you remember the sex drive (libido) you used to have when you were younger?  Is your vagina dry and has sex become painful for you?  Here’s why: low testosterone levels cause a lack of desire and decreased sexual satisfaction.  It may also affect your ability to achieve an orgasm, in turn creating a potentially vicious cycle.  The inability to achieve an orgasm, combined with the lack of lubrication, contributes to a decreased desire for intercourse overall.

So what can you do?  Testosterone replacement improves sexual desire as well as helps your body make the vaginal lubrication you may have lost.  There’s nothing like trying to have sex with your partner and not having enough lubrication!  Replacing the testosterone you used to have improves your quality of life.  In fact, recent studies show how beneficial testosterone is to our sexual health, bone health, mood, energy, overall function, and well-being.

Testosterone in Women: Weight Loss, Heart Disease, and More  

Remember, muscle burns more calories than fat!  Do you want to improve muscle mass so you can lose weight?  Testosterone improves our ability to burn fat and increases muscle mass.  Women who have optimized testosterone levels want to increase their exercise because testosterone improves exercise tolerance.  Studies even show that higher levels of testosterone in women are associated with improved cardiovascular outcomes.  For those women who are in menopause, adding testosterone as part of a comprehensive bio-identical hormone replacement plan may decrease the risk of developing breast cancer.

At Your Wellness Center, bio-identical hormones (BHRT) are used to treat low hormone levels.  For testosterone replacement, we will discuss the option that is right for you.  We use bio-identical, compounded testosterone by using a cream that you apply daily or pellets that are inserted into the fat of your buttocks and replaced about every three months.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone In Women Include:

  • Body aches and pains
  • Foggy thinking
  • Low libido (sexual desire)
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength
  • A decrease in sexual arousal (vaginal and clitoral)
  • Less energy
  • Decreased ability for orgasm
  • Less vaginal lubrication
  • Higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Benefits of Optimal Testosterone Levels:

  • Improved well-being
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Improved bone density
  • Increased muscle strength and aerobic endurance
  • Reduced subcutaneous fat and visceral fat
  • Skin benefits: Increases collagen and skin thickness & improves texture
  • May reduce Alzheimer’s disease
  • Improvements in:
    • insulin sensitivity
    • glycemic control
    • sexual satisfaction
    • urogenital protection
    • vaginal lubrication
  • May prevent plaque formation (atherosclerosis)

Testosterone Therapy for Women: How Can it Help?

I hope this blog has helped you better understand the role of testosterone in women. At Your Wellness Center, our providers are certified to help you with your hormone levels.  We will listen to your concerns and develop a treatment plan tailored to you.  Decisions are made together to find a treatment that will diminish your symptoms and help you to feel your best.  You will enjoy living life, optimally and balanced, once again.  Together, with a healthy eating plan and active lifestyle, we may be able to help prevent disease or improve conditions such as Type II diabetes!

If you are interested in learning more about what your hormone levels are and how to optimize them, fill out our initial consultation form. We’ll be in touch to set up your first appointment. Otherwise, you can learn more about testosterone therapy for women right here on our website!

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