Testosterone in Women: Benefits & Breakdown

Let’s talk about testosterone in women. While it’s well known that testosterone is certainly a “male hormone,” important for men and their health and wellbeing—it’s often overlooked just how important it is to the female body and to the female health and wellbeing. I’ll be breaking down the benefits of testosterone in women and what it does to our bodies as we age.

By Judy Couch, FNP-C

Women Have Testosterone?

Women often do not understand that testosterone is one of our major hormones. We don’t just have estrogen. We actually have several different hormones, that when in balance, makes us extremely healthy.

Testosterone in the female body is actually at higher levels than estrogen in our bodies for most of our lifespan. An exception to that would be during pregnancy, when the estradiol levels, the estrogen levels go very, very high to support our bodies through that process.

Benefits of Testosterone in Women

Testosterone in the female body supports our sense of wellbeing. It supports our energy, endurance, stamina, and ability to maintain muscle mass. When we maintain muscle mass, that helps us maintain metabolism. Testosterone is vital for women in terms of libido and sexual function. It’s actually very important for the sensitivity of the clitoris in the female body. Oftentimes, one half of a couple will start the program and a few months down the road, the other half follows suit once they see the results.

Dr. Lovett and I did an entire video on our YouTube channel walking you through how to regain control of your sexual health–be sure to check that out here.

Testosterone’s very, very important to us in terms of collagen, skin thickness. You’ll note in the aging female that there’s a lot more wrinkling of the skin. The skin becomes much thinner, and that’s, again, due to a lack of collagen—a lack of testosterone.

It’s also very important in terms of our heart health. Like all of our other hormones, it supports a healthy cardiovascular system in both men and women. Testosterone has also long been shown to be apoptotic to breast cancer cells (meaning it can help to kill cancer cells). It’s been used in oncology to treat breast cancer too.

We Lose Testosterone As We Age

As we’re aging, our levels of this very important hormone to us start to decline. Unfortunately, this starts happening in our mid- to late thirties, right alongside the drop of our progesterone hormone as well. Some may debate, does testosterone get depleted first, or is it progesterone? But very few people debate the age at which it happens, and that would be, again, in our mid- to late thirties.

Testosterone is super important in the female body—just as important as it is in the male body. We have to be more careful about how much we give patients because we don’t want to cause any unwanted side effects with overly high levels of testosterone in women. So what we look at are physiological amounts of testosterone and maybe what we had when we were a little more youthfulespecially as we’re aging and we’re post-menopausal.

We closely monitor your levels with blood work at the beginning of our hormone replacement therapy program, and intermittently once you’re established. This allows us to see how quickly your body absorbs the testosterone, where your levels sit, and exactly how much you may need. Everyone is unique, so we treat each patient with their own individual treatment plan.

Get Your Levels Checked!

Many women, as they age, just don’t feel right or don’t have a good sense of wellbeingpart of that could be directly related to the fall of your testosterone levels. So I encourage you to get your hormone levels checked here at Your Wellness Center.

It all starts with a simple blood test. Then come in and talk with us, we can go over your lab results, and discuss where your levels are at and how they relate to your symptoms. Then the decision is up to you, but at least you’ll know where your levels lie and if testosterone plays any part in how you might be feeling.

Again, don’t misunderstand testosterone–it’s not just for men. It’s definitely for the female body and vital to our health as well.


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