Recovery & Performance IV Therapy

As we’re going through this COVID-19 crisis nightmare, as you might want to say, we’re getting a lot of phone calls, regarding IV therapy- recovery and performance IV therapy being one of them. Why is this becoming such a sought-after IV during a pandemic? Keep reading to learn more!

By Dr. Lovett, Owner & Director of YWC

More People are Getting Active due to COVID-19

We’ll get into exactly what recovery and performance iv therapy can do for you, but first let’s talk about this recent movement to get more active. A lot of people are becoming more athletic during this COVID pandemic- they’re getting outside. I’m seeing more people walking, more people running, more people doing things out in the parks.

Those who were already athletic to begin with (runners, avid gym-goers, etc.), are having their previously planned-on marathons or competitions now cancelled; they’re having to adapt to pursuing these on their own in some shape or form. They may be grabbing family or friends to do it along with them now to keep momentum.

This morning, as I was actually coming to work, I saw a woman who I see walking a lot, but this time, she had her daughter with her. I’ve got other neighbors who are walking for the first time I’ve ever seen them walk and I’ve been there for about 30 years. So we’re seeing a lot more family intervention pieces and a general increase in activity from most people in response to this crisis.

As activity and athleticism begins to rise (and adapt), one of the struggles people may face is how to keep their energy up. How to recover from this sudden increase in activity and change in lifestyle- that’s where IV therapy can help.

What can Recovery & Performance IV Therapy do for you?

One of the most common IV therapy requests we get for people who are more athletic or people who want to increase their peak performance (or get back to where it used to be) is the recovery and performance IV therapy. The goal of this IV therapy is mainly two things:

  • Decrease recovery time
  • Increase performance.

It can also help to replenish nutrients that were lost during a workout- many of these things you don’t even recognize you’re losing. Lastly, though just as important, is that it can potentially help with inflammation. Inflammation is something that a lot of athletes and generally active people tend to struggle with. The recovery and performance IV therapy is geared to decrease inflammation in your body. Inflammation, as you know, causes heart disease and some other things.

Here’s a list of all the potential benefits of recovery and performance IV therapy:

  • Decrease recovery time
  • Increase performance
  • Replenish nutrients (both macro and micro)
  • Decrease inflammation

Replenishing Nutrients: What does that mean?

The goal really of recovery and performance IV therapy is to replenish the cell levels of any lost nutrients. What’s made up in this? A lot of it actually has to do with Vitamin C. You might say, “Well, I take vitamin C all the time.” Believe me, the amount of vitamin C you receive through an IV nowhere compares to the amount you’re able to take orally on a daily basis. You would have to take a lot (and we mean a lot) of vitamin C at home daily to get what we give.

What about other nutrients and vitamins? B vitamins are replaced, along with glutathione and many of the amino acids like arginine, ornithine, citrulline, carnitine, magnesium, and zinc. Some of the micronutrients are replaced, such as manganese, copper, and selenium.

These are all things that actually deplete as you work out and many of us don’t know that. Many of the “peak performance” people (most athletes) may know because they have to know in order to compete at a much higher level than the everyday person. They understand how these things work, but not everybody has that knowledge base.

Is Recovery & Performance IV Therapy for you?

If you’re sitting there thinking any of the following thoughts, then you might want to consider recovery and performance IV therapy:

  • “I really want a better recovery time so I can get back to workouts quicker.”
  • “I’m looking to get more out of my workouts and performance at a higher level.”
  • “I feel so depleted after workouts- I wish there was a way to restore that energy faster than over the counter nutrients and vitamins.”
  • “I’m struggling to decrease the inflammation in my joints and bones.”
  • “I can’t perform at the level I used to be able to.”

If you have any questions, please call us at Your Wellness Center, at 513-791-9474. You can also click here to visit our IV therapy page to learn more about this particular IV, along with all of our other options. While other options like medications and “boosters” may help with immediate results, they’re not helping with the root of issue. They’re also quick to leave your system, causing you to rely on them more often. IV Therapy stays in your system longer and the benefits are far greater.

Looking to get started with IV therapy? Fill out our initial consultation form here and one of our providers or staff will be in touch within 24-48 hours during our regular business hours.


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