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What’s the best natural testosterone booster to help treat low testosterone? We’ll be diving into that discussion today. This is actually the second part in a series on testosterone for men covering: symptoms, treatments, and then kind of where the end results are going to be.

In the first part, if you didn’t catch it, we talked about the symptoms of low testosterone and how they affect the body, men in particular. Be sure to check that out here! For part two today, I’m going to look a little bit more at treatment and why we do specific treatments here that are completely natural in regaining optimal testosterone levels.

By Dr. Lovett, Director of YWC

Be Wary of Synthetic Boosters

There are a lot of things out there in the market; a lot of synthetic “boosters” that claim to raise your testosterone levels. You probably see them on a daily basis, typically being produced by vitamin companies and the like.

I’ll be honest with you, the majority of them do not work.

Most of the time they’re not a lie, but you also won’t find any published independent medical data that they actually do work. The only thing that has actually been proven and shown to work is using true, bio-identical, natural testosterone. Otherwise known as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. It’s truly the only natural testosterone booster out there.

Why Synthetic Testosterone Boosters Don’t Work

Back to the so-called “boosters” out there–there’s some gels and creams that you can put on, supplements you can ingest, and even some injectables. My issue with those, however, is that they’re all synthetic or proteinderived. In other words, they may be some form of testosterone molecule, but they’ve also got proteins (or something else) alongside them. For these to become completely active in your body they have to go to your liver. That or alter in some way to actually turn into true testosterone that your body can use (unlikely).

I personally don’t like anything going to my liver to do anything because our liver is important; this puts a lot of unneeded pressure on our liver to perform or convert these testosterone molecules. It’s the main detoxification organ in your body, so it’s already spending all of its time doing that. Why would I then load it with another problem?

Feel Younger With Truly Natural Testosterone

Here in our office, when we talk about testosterone, we are never referring to anything synthetic. We are only ever talking about pure testosterone, the same molecular structure that’s in your body now, or was in your body at one time in your life. The one that gave you energy, gave you muscles, maybe kept you lean. It helped your brain function and stray from diabetes, hypertension, or any number of things that occur as we get older.

Think back to when you were 16 or 18 years oldyou most likely didn’t have type two diabetes or high blood pressure. You probably didn’t experience faster weight gain like you may today or had high cholesterol. The reason being that you had optimal levels of hormones, especially testosterone.

So when we talk about testosterone here, we’re also talking about putting something back into your body that you used to have. It’s almost like a supplement- just like taking Vitamin D3 daily (as those levels also deplete with age). We’re basically supplementing your body with testosterone and when we do, it’s always in its purest form. That’s why we call it the most natural testosterone booster you’ll find out there, because it’s pure testosterone!

How to Treat Low Testosterone

Testosterone therapy can usually be given in two ways: pellets or creams. The majority of our patients, about 98% or so, go for the pellet therapy option. This is where we inject little (we’re talking tiny) white pellets into the fat of your butt cheek. Then we just let them dissolve over a few months. You are numbed during treatment, so there is minimal-to-no discomfort. See an up-close walkthrough of the treatment here.

With pellet therapy, your body slowly absorbs the testosterone from the pellets over a period of a few months until they’re gone. For men, they’ll receive pellets about every 4 months (for women it’s about 3). Then we’ll put new ones in before the old ones have completely dissolved. Everyone’s process looks a little different and that’s because we treat each patient as individual. It allows us to get really great levels on the individuals. It allows us to tailor your level for you.

Men also receive a lot more pellets than women, which just comes down to how our bodies dissolve them differently. When we put testosterone back in your body, it takes a little bit of time to absorb, but it doesn’t have to metabolize like those synthetic “boosters” do. It just has to absorb and start working like your natural testosterone does!  That’s because what we put back into your body you is truly bio-identical, natural testosterone.

A small percent of our patients do have to use a testosterone cream, whether due to an allergy or other medical reason. They may be battling cancer or another medical issue and the creams allow us to stop treatment quickly if we have to. The creams are applied directly to the genitalia for better absorption into the body.

You’ll Notice the Difference with Pure Testosterone

Over the next several weeks after treatment, you’ll notice your energy, libido, and brain function starting to pick up. Your brain function starts picking up. You may decrease your fat mass and increase your muscle mass! We’ll be diving into the benefits of hormone replacement therapy in part 3 of this series.

We have about a 98% retention rate with our hormone therapy program- 98%! The other 2% are those that likely moved away. In which case, we do our best to help them find a hormone specialist near them so they can continue treatment. What this tells us is that it works and that once you feel the difference, you won’t want to feel any other way again. This natural testosterone booster, hormone replacement therapy that is, is the most effective way to treat low testosterone levels. Again, stray from using anything synthetic. You won’t be solving the root of the issue, it’ll just be a “quick fix” that won’t deliver lasting results.

Be sure to check out Part 3, which looks at what life is like with optimal testosterone levels- click here! If you missed Part 1 which went over the top symptoms of low testosterone and how that affects us, be sure to click here and give that a read.

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