Meet Susan, Meet Mary: Meet Hundreds of Women Who Struggle with Loss of Bladder Control and Vaginal Dryness Every Day

Meet Susan, Meet Mary: Meet Hundreds of Women Who Struggle with Loss of Bladder Control and Vaginal Dryness Every Day
By Kaitlyn Lovett, FNP

Meet Susan, a 60-year-old woman. Susan is with her husband, son, daughter-in-law and grandchild at an amusement park. She suddenly has an urgency to use the restroom. She needs a bathroom, now! Susan tells her family she’s going to find a bathroom and walks quickly to where she thought the nearest restroom would be. She can’t find a bathroom anywhere. She’s getting angry with herself, thinking, “I should have been paying attention to the bathroom locations while walking around at the park.” She was enjoying her time with her family, but now…she loses complete bladder control. Susan is mortified. She spots a bathroom across the way and runs to it. Her shorts are wet and, of course, the bathroom doesn’t have hand dryers—only paper towels. Susan cleans off the best she can and ties her jacket around her waist. She rejoins her family, but the day is not over. For the remaining afternoon at the park, her family wonders where the smell of urine is coming from…

Susan faced challenges with urinary incontinence (a.k.a. loss of bladder control) for five years. No one in her family knew, not even her husband. After the incident above occurred, Susan finally decided she needed to find help. Her gynecologist suggested a treatment to her called diVa™ laser vaginal therapy. diVa™ treats vaginal dryness, episiotomy pain, painful intercourse, vaginal laxity (or looseness), decreased libido, sexual satisfaction and urinary incontinence. The in-office treatment took 5 minutes and required no downtime. After Susan completed her initial series of treatments, she no longer worried where the bathroom was when she was in public. She finally felt free and hasn’t had to wear a pad since her treatments!

Meet Mary, a 50-year-old female who went through a divorce ten years ago and just remarried last year. She and her new husband haven’t had sex in nine months. Mary said she had no libido and even when she mustered up the motivation to have sex, it was so uncomfortable because of her vaginal dryness. Mary stated their lack of intimacy hadn’t been a problem, but she was worried it would eventually become one. Mary decided to give diVa™ a chance. A couple treatments later, with a big smile on her face, Mary stated her vaginal dryness is completely gone, her libido is back and a lack of intimacy is no longer an issue.

The two stories above are true stories of women whose names have been changed to protect their identity. They are both women who have gone through menopause and tried to “deal” with their symptoms because at more than one time in their life, they were told by a doctor that “menopausal symptoms are a part of life.” There are hundreds of other women who have their own personal diVa™ story. Some women are as young as 30, have had urinary incontinence ever since they delivered their first child and haven’t had the confidence to rejoin their morning or afternoon cycle or Barre class due to bladder control issues.

Urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse do not need to be “dealt” with; they need to be treated. Who wants to have to always know where the nearest restroom is? Who wants to be married to a man for 30 years but haven’t had sex with him in the past 5 years? Who wants to miss physical activity due to a loss of bladder control? We’re talking about quality of life here, and none of these symptoms should be “dealt” with. Call today to start your own diVa™ journey.

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