Learn How to Stand Up to Erectile Dysfunction

Learn How to Stand Up to Erectile Dysfunction
By William Lovett, M.D.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has widely been known to increasingly impact the lives of aging men. It’s not a surprise then that as many as 52% of men are estimated to experience some form of erectile dysfunction in their lives. Nearly 1 in 4 men under 40 experience ED, and this number shoots to 70% for men in their 70s.

Unfortunately, many so-called “miracle cures” don’t work for ED-related issues. Natural substitutes, medications like Viagra, cheap penis pumps, gels – they all are not targeting the real causes of ED symptoms: low testosterone, restricted blood flow, and plaque formation, all of which cause less blood vessels in middle aged to older men.

Our best solution is to fix your low testosterone (low T) levels with natural HRT, then to use a revolutionary technique called PRP.

What is the PRP for Sexual Health?

PRP for Sexual Health is a simple, natural, non-surgical method of targeting the causes of ED. It works by taking a sampling of your blood, placing it in a special machine to pull out your own blood-derived plasma, and inject it (after numbing) into your penis.

The plasma – your plasma – tricks your body into thinking it is injured. This releases and activates growth factors that are found in your cells when your body is healing a wound. Overall, it helps regenerate tissue, stimulate new blood vessels and blood flow, and improves sexual performance.

Does PRP work?

Put simply, yes! Some men see instant results, but most will see increasing results for the next few weeks. We always recommend starting with our hormone replacement therapy first, as 95% of ED issues can’t be solved if your testosterone is too low.

Is PRP safe? FDA approved?

Yes, PRP is safe. Because PRP uses your own natural bodily growth factors your body does not have any allergic reactions.

No, the PRP procedure is not FDA approved, because the FDA is not responsible for approving procedures. The FDA has approved certain kits for drawing, preparing, and injecting the blood. We are proud to always use these in our office. Additionally, our providers performing the procedure have trained with the creator of the technique and have been certified to perform it.

How much does PRP cost?

We offer the PRP treatment for $1,800, with maintenance treatments costing $1,200. We highly recommend the PRP + Z Wave treatment package, which includes 2 PRP and 6 Z Wave treatments for $6,000. The Z Wave treatments are subsonic waves that decrease painful plaque build-up commonly found in Peyronie’s Disease.

If you are looking to try the PRP in Cincinnati, we are ready to help you overcome your erectile dysfunction issues. Please fill out our online consultation form so we can get an overview of your health history. We will then be in contact with you in a few days to schedule your appointment.

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