IV Therapy Part 2: Treatment Options & Benefits

Today we’re going to talk about all of the IV Therapy treatment options we offer and the benefits of each! This is Part 2 of a 3-part series—so be sure to check out Part 1 here. We touched based on the basics of what IV Therapy is and how it works. You can find link to Part 3 “How to Get Started” at the bottom of this blog.

So let’s jump into all the treatment options for IV Therapy that we offer here at Your Wellness Center and what they can do for you!

By Dr. Lovett, Director of YWC

IV Therapy treatment

Recovery & Performance

One of the IV drips that we commonly provide is called Recovery and Performance. This is really designed for the athletes out there. This blend is for the ones that are working out frequently or participating in prolonged running. Especially those participating in marathons or triathlons and they’re noticing that their bodies are starting to drag.

Sometimes athletes are burning up certain elements in their body they can’t replenish as quickly as they would like to. This IV Therapy treatment is designed to decrease recovery time and increase performance. Therefore, if you’re an athlete or “weekend warrior”, then Recovery & Performance is the blend for you.

IV Therapy treatment

Get Up & Go

Our second IV Therapy treatment option is called Get Up and Go. We use this for individuals who are looking for a bit of a metabolism boost. This is great for those who are trying to burn more fat or part of weight loss programs. We focus specifically the B vitamins & trace elements with this blend. We’re trying to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to support fat burn and to boost metabolism.

IV Therapy treatment


Immunity is one of our two most common IV Therapy treatment options. This blend is based on gearing up and boosting your immunity system—which is exactly what it does! Immunity has those B vitamins, zinc, and vitamin C.

It’s important to understand that many of these IV blends that we give our patients—we can adapt them. We adjust and change them based on what you need or if we something that we think you can benefit from. So it’s not uncommon when we give you Immunity, that we may actually add some extra Vitamin C to help boost your immunity even more.

Myers Cocktail

Image of an IV bag filled with clear fluid with a blue label and Myers Coctail information printed on it

Myers Cocktail, like Immunity, is one of the top two IV Therapy treatment blends that we administer. It helps with your overall well-being. We actually see this more in the older generation—ones who are trying to stay healthy and live longer. I’m not going to use the word anti-aging, however, it will certainly help you age more gracefully.

With all of our IV Therapy treatments, the base contents are very similar. It’s what we add into them, however, that make them very different. So with the Myers cocktail, we’re adding in those elements that are more important as we get older. Above all, it’s going to support aging.


Another IV Therapy treatment which is becoming much more popular is what we call NAD+. The major role of it is to generate energy—what we call ATP. If you can remember way back in biology class called the Krebs cycle and how it generates ATP—which is energy in our body!

In addition, it helps manage a wide range of diseases, everything from diabetes to cancer. Some research has been shown that it can improve mental clarity, alertness, concentration, memory, and even athletic performance and chronic fatigue.

NAD+ is really important and we certainly are now starting to see an increased population of patients who come in asking for it. They say, “Hey, I know about NAD, I’ve researched it. I understand you give it, I want it.” We basically have two separate protocols we use. One is a patient who may actually have some neurodegenerative type problems. Those would be more like the dementia, Alzheimer’s, possibly some Parkinson’s type issues. Then we have those who are basically just trying to support their aging brain.

High-Dose Vitamin C

One of the things that we add in quite often is something called High-Dose Vitamin C therapy. Again, we can put vitamin C in almost any cocktail, and many of our cocktails already come with it. It’s also called ascorbic acid. We add in extra vitamin C to give people an additional boost.

Now, everybody will say, “Well, can’t I just take it by mouth?” Well you can, but what you need to understand is, what do you see when you take it by mouth? You usually see a lot of vitamin C going into the toilet, per se. When we administer directly into your veins via IV, we can super saturate your cells very quickly. What happens then is that a lot of vitamin C gets into the cell/body and less of it goes into the toilet.

When we’re talking about Vitamin C, sometimes we’re talking about super high doses, upwards of 75 grams (sometimes three times a week). I’m going to tell you—that’s a lot of vitamin C. It’s very common in chemotherapy centers, especially on the West coast, and those who do alternative medicine treatments like naturopathic physicians.

This is where you have an MD or a DO oncologist associated with a naturopathic physician, trying to do everything they can to treat your cancer. Vitamin C has been known to help decrease bacteria inside cells, viruses inside of cells, and also help treat cancer in those high-dose cases.

IV Therapy = Optimal Health

Hopefully this has helped you get a firmer grasp on all of the IV Therapy treatment options we offer! Along with possibly which might be best for you! IV Therapy is all about getting you on a path towards optimal health and living. It can help you perform better in almost every aspect of your life.

Again—don’t miss out on Part 1 of this series where we talked about “What is IV Therapy”. Be sure to check out Part 3 next: “How to Get Started.” We’ll walk you through what the consultation process looks like, blood work, and how to actually get started with us! If you have any questions, call us at (513)-791-9474 or fill out our initial consultation form.

You can also check out our IV Therapy page for more information.

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