IV Therapy Part 1: What is it?

Today, I’m going to try and help you understand the answer to: what is IV therapy? This is part one of a threepart series and each is going to be a little bit different.

This first part is going to be talking about what IV Therapy is and how it works. I’m going to touch a little bit on the process as well. Part two is going to be really looking at all the treatment options. Part three will be all about how to get started: the consult, blood work, and any contraindications.

Right now, however, let’s just being with—what is IV therapy?

By Dr. Lovett, Director of YWC

What is IV Therapy?

I’m going to talk about IV therapy, as we give it here in our office. IV therapy is not necessarily anything new, but it may be new to you here in the Midwest. It’s commonly used on the West coast and Northeastern regions of the United States.

IV therapy sounds pretty intuitive—where we put an IV catheter in your arm and we drip fluids into your arm that are designed to accomplish a specific goal.

More “technically” it’s: the delivery of various nutrients, aminos, and/or fluids directly into the body through the veins. This allows nutrition to be instantly available in order to remedy our body’s health and wellness needs.

Main Takeaway:

Your main takeaway should be this: vitamins/nutrients are being delivered directly into your body (via the veins). This results in a much faster (almost immediate) intake and absorption than could ever be achieved from any supplement.

These are higher concentrations of nutrients, on top of being sent straight to the part of your body that needs them most. It’s more beneficial than waiting for your body to break down a low-concentration supplement.

Replenishing Lost Levels

Most seek out IV therapy because their body may not have appropriate levels of, produce enough of, or actually be depleting levels of the various nutrients our body needs. The reasoning behind why can be due to many different things: athletic strain, general aging, certain medical conditions, etc.

When you sit down with us in your initial consultation, we address your medical history and concerns. Then we decide on the best plan that works for you–it’s completely customizable. Two common IV therapies we offer are: Immunity and Recovery & Performance. I get more specific about your treatment options in part two of this series, so be sure to check that out.

Examples of Those Nutrients, Vitamins, & Elements

Just to give you an idea of what’s available, here are some examples of what we can help to replenish with IV therapy: many of the Vitamin B’s, Vitamin C, elements like Magnesium, Manganese, and calcium. We can also deliver some other trace elements like zinc or selenium.

Be sure to check out part two of our IV therapy series where we break down all of the specific treatment options, the benefits of each. Then in part three, I break down how you can get started with IV Therapy and what that process looks like.

If you have any questions, be sure to visit our IV therapy page, as it’s a great resource and may address a lot of your initial concerns. You can also give us a call at (513)-791-9474 or fill out our initial consultation form to get started.

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