How to Give Yourself the Gift of Wellness with Hormones

How to Give Yourself the Gift of Wellness with Hormones
By Judy Couch, FNP-C

Oh, the holidays! A time of joy and fun for most can bring extra stress for others. With the year ending and family coming to town, the holidays often give us time and reason to reflect on our lives and consider making a change.

Two of the biggest changes you can make for the new year are your health and quality of life, both dependent on your biochemistry. Your biochemistry affects so much of  your day-to-day feelings and responses that when the delicate balance is upset, you experience symptoms like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of libido
  • Lack of motivation
  • Sleep issues
  • Weight gain
  • Intimacy issues (dryness or erectile dysfunction)
  • Chronic fatigue

The symptoms go on and on, but many people write it off as part of “just getting older”. But it shouldn’t be written off because, with hormone replacement therapy, we can actually alleviate many of these symptoms.

So this year, give yourself the gift of wellness with hormone replacement. Here at Your Wellness Center, we work with you to rebalance your hormone levels, improve your quality of life, and help you take the first solid step to realize your full health potential.

How does hormone replacement work?

  1. You decide you’re ready for a change. You fill out our online consultation form, which gives us a brief look at your health history.
  2. We review your information and determine if hormone replacement therapy would benefit your quality of life.
  3. We contact you to schedule your initial blood draw. This simple step determines where your levels currently stand, and how we can make you feel better.
  4. We review your results with you. This is when we walk you through our full program, answer any questions you have, and work with you to create an individualized treatment plan just for you.

Ready to make time for yourself and get started on a path to wellness? If any of the symptoms above sound familiar, or if you are ready to feel like your younger self again, I encourage you to have your hormone levels evaluated. It’s a simple, yet extremely effective way to tackle the changes you want to make as we say goodbye to 2017 and usher in 2018. Head over to our online consultation form to get started. Remember, a small change can make a tremendous difference!

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