How to Choose Botox vs. Dysport the Right Way

By Kaitlyn Hunter, MedSpa Nurse Practitioner

You all have heard of Botox and you may have even heard of Dysport. Patients are always asking me what is the difference between the two, which one’s better, and which one should they use. So today I’m breaking these two popular injectables down so you can find out which one is better for you!

What’s the difference between Botox & Dysport?

Botox and Dysport are both Botulin toxin A products, however, Botox is the most popular brand name that we all have heard. These injectables are made from two different companies, like Coke and Pepsi or AT&T and Verizon. There are small differences between the two, but overall they are created to do the same thing.

Botox is created by a company called Allergan. When you inject it, you will get an effect usually within about a week. It takes about two full weeks for it to fully wear in.

Dysport, made by Galderma, will start to give results in about five days after injection and takes about 10 days for the whole effect. Therefore, Dysport does start working a little bit quicker.

botox vs dysport

Which lasts longer?

Both companies have studies proving that their product lasts longer, so it really comes down to your personal preference. There is truly no substantial research showing that one will last longer. I will inject Botox and Dysport at different points in my patients’ treatment plan to see if they have a personal preference.

Which is more effective?

As far as the actual effectiveness, it depends on how the products are diluted. Both Botox and Dysport come in little vials with a little powder disc at the bottom. We then mix the product up with some fluid, usually sodium chloride. Some offices will dilute Dysport to be a little weaker than Botox and then charge less for Dysport.

At Your Wellness Center, I charge the exact same cost for both products because I dilute the same for both products. In my eyes, both products are usually pretty equal as far as cost.

Do they diffuse differently?

When you inject a unit of Botox, it’s going to diffuse out and that’s how you will see that smoothing of wrinkles. Dysport will diffuse wider than Botox does. There are pros and cons to this. For example, guys have larger, stronger muscles, so it’s good to use Dysport for a wider area. Smaller, petite women (or small areas) tend to react better to Botox for the smaller diffusing.

Which is more popular?

If you are having Botox or Dysport injections, I encourage  you to try the other product to see if you have a preference. I would say about half my patients find they prefer one over the other, but that preference splits right down the middle.

Have more questions?

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