How PRP and Z Wave Can Save Your Valentine’s Day

How PRP and Z Wave Can Save Your Valentine’s Day
By William Lovett, M.D.

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and many of our clients have expressed interest in improving or reigniting the romance in their lives. For men, this usually revolves around their libido and Erectile Dysfunction, both of which become an issue around Andropause (male menopause). To help get this difficult and personal conversation started, I have provided some useful information below about one of the most common problems men begin experiencing in their 40s.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a sexual health disorder where men experience trouble having and maintaining an erection, or achieving an orgasm during sexual relations. Many men experience this in their 30s, but suffer in silence because of the taboo nature of ED. So they ignore the issue, hope it will improve on its own, and pray their partners won’t notice.

How Common Is It?

Despite being a somewhat hush-hush subject, the fact is that more than 50% of men over 40 and 90% of men over 50 suffer from some form of ED.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

ED can be caused by several issues, including surgical, hormonal, and/or vascular:

  • Surgical: Men can suffer injuries if certain nerves are cut during surgery (especially in prostate cancer surgery).
  • Hormonal: When men enter their 50s, they go through Andropause, which impacts the amount of testosterone their body produces.
  • Vascular: All men suffer vascular damage or vascular insufficiency in the penis as they age. This means the blood supply has decreased, therefore decreasing the amount of blood flow to the penis (which is necessary for erections).  

Why Are Traditional ED Treatments Ineffective?

Most men who ask about ED bring it up to their primary care physician, who then either prescribes medication or refers men to a Urologist. Either way, medications like Viagra or Cialis are often implemented. Not only can taking these medications be untimely, but some men are unable to take it due to other medications they are on. Plus, Viagra and Cialis typically treat the symptoms and not the cause, limiting the amount of improvement you’ll see.

How Can PRP and Z Wave Treatments Save Your Valentine’s Day?

Here at Your Wellness Center, we use a combination of the latest technology to naturally regenerate your body to what it was in your 20s. Our whole-health approach includes:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement: This is often the first step, because we can optimize your testosterone levels to get you feeling better and increase your libido.  
  • PRP: This step uses growth hormones concentrated from your own blood to stimulate new blood vessel growth in the right area.
  • PRP + ZWave: An additional step that increases treatment results by 300%. It uses subsonic vibrations to wake up the dormant growth hormones in your body.

As the largest sexual dysfunction and regenerative medicine center in the Midwest, we see Erectile Dysfunction every single day. We have helped hundreds of men regain their sexual youth and energy to reignite the flames in their marriage. If you are interested in seeing how we can help you, please give us a call at 513-808-4375 or fill out our online health history form to get started.

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