Eyebrows 101 | How to Enhance Your Brows

Eyebrows 101 | How to Enhance Your Brows
By Alison Clay, Licensed Cosmetologist & Esthetician

    Achieving the perfect brow shape is not as easy as it looks. We all want brows that will frame our face and compliment our best features, but that can look different for different face shapes.

    That’s precisely why almost all of my friends have asked me about my brows at one point or another. Questions range from:

    • How do you get them to look so good for date night?
    • How much time do you spend on them in the morning?
    • Do you wax or tweeze?

    Well, ladies, this blog is to answer those questions! Just like I let you in on my perfect eyelash secrets, I’m going to give you the inside scoop on good brows.

    1. Waxing

    The first step I always recommend is waxing. Many women don’t like tweezing because it’s easy to get carried away, and it can hurt more than waxing because you have to pluck so many individual hairs.

    eyebrow waxing

    For those who aren’t familiar with waxing, it’s the most popular hair removal technique for brows. As Your Wellness Center’s esthetician, I will wash your eyebrow area, apply warm wax, apply special paper that the wax (and hair) will harden onto, and then remove it for a manicured look.

    • Cost: $20
    • Commitment: Low. No downtime. Most people come in every 4-6 weeks for a touchup. You can still pluck between appointments if you desire.
    • Results: Immediate!

    Waxing is the best option for women who desire an expert’s assistance in creating a natural shape that they can then fill in or have tinted. It’s also perfect for anyone looking for a more budget-friendly, less painful alternative to tweezing and threading. Check out this video where I talk more about waxing!

    2. Tinting

    I usually recommend pairing this with waxing for the best color and shape. Eyebrow tinting is a quick, hassle-free solution for eyebrows with a very light color. The dye is semi-permanent, so the benefits last a few weeks!

    Eyebrow Tinting
    • Cost: $25
    • Commitment: Low. No downtime, no at-home maintenance required. Simply stop in every 3-4 weeks for a 15-minute touch-up.
    • Results: Immediate! This is a great way to get darker brows that still look natural.

    Tinting is the best option for women who have full, but light-colored eyebrows. If you spend part of your morning penciling in brows, this is a great option to save time! Check out this video where I talk more about tinting!

    3. Microblading

    Microblading is the new trendy beauty treatment for PERFECT brows. Trained specialists like myself use a special tool with tiny blades to apply hairlike strokes to your brows. This ensures you get the most natural-looking brows possible.


    • Cost: $300 initially ($150 touchups)
    • Commitment: Medium. This has way less maintenance required than tinting (this lasts 1-2 years) but it is more expensive. Plus, it has pre- and post-care requirements to ensure your brows heal properly.
    • Results: Your eyebrows will immediately appear darker, but over the next two weeks they will scab and fade. You’ll see their true color return in 3-4 weeks, and you can get a touch up 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment. Then you’re good to go for 1-2 years!

    Microblading is the best option for women who want realistic, natural-looking brows that are fuller and darker than before. It works for women who need to replace missing brows or simply fill in or reshape existing ones.

    Come give it a try!

    If you are interested in achieving the perfect brows, come in and see me. Full, natural eyebrows are more achievable than ever. Just give us a call at 513-791-9474 to schedule a free consultation or to book your first treatment!

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