Don’t Make “Gaining Weight” a Holiday Tradition

Don’t Make “Gaining Weight” a Holiday Tradition

If one of your holiday “traditions” includes unintentionally packing on a few extra pounds, consider developing some healthy eating strategies before the season begins. Although two or three extra pounds may not seem significant, this extra weight adds up through the years.

To maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity and the diseases associated with it, follow these healthy holiday tips from Your Wellness Center.

  1. Stock your home with plenty of healthy foods such as fresh berries and green vegetables, high protein options, as well as legumes and low-fat/ low-carb dairy products. This ensures you’ll have nutritious ingredients on hand when you’re preparing meals and snacks throughout the holidays.
  2. If you bake holiday treats (such as a few dozen chocolate chip cookies), share them with a friend. The less temptation you keep within arm’s reach, the better. Or find new ways to make your recipe healthy, replace oil/ butter with applesauce or nonfat Greek yogurt.
  3. If you’ll be attending a festive dinner or holiday party, start your day with some exercise, such as a brisk morning walk or jog. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch rather than starving yourself all day. This will help you avoid overeating at the party. And don’t plant yourself next to the hors d’oeuvres or dessert table, which will only provide constant temptation. Mingle and offer to help the hostess instead of standing guard over the plate of sugar cookies.
  4. If you’re hosting a holiday dinner, you control the menu. Makeover some of your high fat holiday favorites by substituting low-fat ingredients in the recipes. Cook plenty of steamed vegetables as side dishes. Serve fresh fruit for dessert or sugar free Jello with light cool whip.
  5. Don’t get so caught up in all your holiday errands that you end up eating junk food and burgers on the run. Carry healthy snacks with you, such as vegetables or protein chip/ protein bar, to stave off hunger until you have time to eat a healthy dinner.

For additional tips on healthy eating and goal setting, consider talking with a trained weight-loss professional. He or she can create nutritious meal plans and a simple exercise program that meet your specific needs and fit into your schedule. For expert advice about making healthy lifestyle changes, call Your Wellness Center at 513-791-9474 or contact us here.

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