CoQ10 Fights Patients With Heart Failure

CoQ10 Fights Patients With Heart Failure

A recent article in the European Journal of Heart Failure demonstrated that a ten year study conclusively demonstrated that CoQ10 supplementation in heart failure patients can restore deficient levels and therefore extend lifespan, improve quality of live and those patients on CoQ10 were significantly less likely to die from heart failure.

Heart failure occurs when the heart is not able to pump enough blood to sustain normal functions in the rest of the organs of the body. It is NOT the common misconception that the heart stops beating. CoQ10 plays an essential for the heart as a sufficient energy management system and when CoQ10 levels decline, tissues burn fuel inefficiently and begin to lose their function. Studies have demonstrated that CoQ10 levels are lower in patients with heart failure and that the lower the CoQ10 level, the more sever the heart failure.

Studies show that CoQ10 supplementation can restore normal levels of CoQ10, prevent progression of heart failure and ultimately improve the quality of life of the patient.

Life Extension 2014 April p38-46.

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