Can Erectile Dysfunction Cure Itself?

Can Erectile Dysfunction Cure Itself?
By William Lovett, M.D.

Erectile dysfunction is unfortunately part of the aging process. Most men will experience some issues with sexual dysfunction starting around the age of 30 years old. They’ll notice their erections aren’t as hard or last as long as when they were 20 years old. Many won’t reach out for help because of the stigma of “being a real man”. But this only creates distance between partners. So how do we fix these issues? First, we must understand the problem.

Why does erectile dysfunction happen?

ED is commonly caused by a lack of testosterone, the key hormone for erections. As men get older, their natural testosterone levels start falling off. They’ll notice erections occur less often, and when they do occur, they are weaker and don’t last as long. Without proper testosterone levels, you will not get an erection even with medications typically prescribed by family practitioners and urologists.

Can erectile dysfunction cure itself?

To answer this, we need to look at how testosterone is made. The male body relies on the Pituitary Gland to release FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) into the bloodstream. These are then picked up by the testicles, whose job it is to make semen and testosterone.

As men age, the Pituitary Gland may not release as well, or the testicles don’t respond as efficiently to the hormones in the blood stream. Unfortunately, there is not a way to fix these malfunctions. We can’t make the Pituitary Gland make more hormones, nor can we force the testicles to convert them into testosterone.

How can I overcome erectile dysfunction?

1. Replace missing testosterone

First, we need to replace your testosterone. I recommend bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), a natural alternative to synthetic injectables and creams. We believe in natural medicine, so we only use BHRT at Your Wellness Center. This allows us to easily manage your hormone levels and get them to peak performance. The pellet therapy lasts 4 months in men, and we are able to adjust based on health changes.

2. Stimulate blood vessels with P-Shot + Z Wavep-shot

We move to the second stage if you are still not achieving full erections after optimizing your testosterone therapy: the P-Shot with Z Wave. The P-Shot uses natural body growth factors, which have been used for years in professional sports to accelerate healing.

Our treatments start with a simple blood sample. It’s then spun down in a special centrifuge to separate the blood from the plasma with your own growth hormones. We take this growth hormone and inject it into the penis to stimulate new blood vessel growth. Additionally, we use Z Wave to break up calcified plaques in blood vessels that have been inhibiting blood flow and help stimulate new blood vessel growth.

3. Prescribe Cialis or Viagra, if needed

Cialis and Viagra – known as PDE-5’s – are the last resort. Many men are excluded from taking these medications, and those that can are susceptible to side effects. I normally recommend these as the last step, because for men who can take them, PDE-5s usually work better after other therapies are done first to fix underlying issues.

How do I schedule an ED treatment?

The first step is a simple blood draw in our office. You can call us at 513-791-9474 or use our online consultation form to schedule an appointment. From there, our providers will meet with you to go over your individual hormone results. We’ll then create a tailor-made program that includes hormone and sexual medicine treatments. It’s time for you to feel better, live better, and look better!

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