BBL Hair Removal: No Hair Left Behind

BBL Hair Removal: No Hair Left Behind

What is BBL Hair Removal?

Did you know that each hair on our body is at its’ own growing stage?  Hair goes through 3 stages during its’ lifetime.  If all of the hair on our body was synced together in the same growing stage, we would have a lot of hair at one time then be completely hairless at another time!  The only way to permanently get rid of hair, is to destroy the hair follicle during the “growing phase.”  Since not every hair is in the growing stage at the same time, hair removal treatments need to be spaced out every 4-8 weeks.  In our MedSpa, we use BroadBand Light (BBL) for a hair reduction treatment.  BBL is a permanent option for hair removal.  The BBL headpiece emits light which searches for color (melanin) when it enters the skin.  Hair has melanin in it which gives it color.  The light heats up the melanin of the hair, destroying the hair follicle.  Once the hair follicle is destroyed, hair can no longer grow.

BBL Hair Removal vs. Waxing & Shaving

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When you break down the cost, BBL Hair Removal is by far the cheapest option to remove hair.  Not only is it the cheapest, but the hair is gone forever!  Analysts have calculated the total cost of shaving with cheap and quality razors.  Thirty-five years of shaving with a cheap razor cost almost $6,000!  This includes the cost of shaving cream.  Thirty-five years of shaving with better quality razors such as Venus costs $6,800 including shaving cream.  The cost of waxing depends on the size of the area being done. Analysts have found waxing the pubic area for thirty-five years costs $11,025!!!  Both waxing and shaving are more expensive than BBL Hair Removal and are not near as effective in getting rid of the hair.  There is also the amount of time it takes to shave every week or drive to the salon to get waxed every 6 weeks.

BBL Hair Removal vs. Laser Hair Removal

BBL and Laser hair removal are similar, but have very distinguishing differences.  First, a BBL handpeice can target a much larger area of surface area versus laser hair removal.  The BBL handpiece is about the size of a large piece of gum such as Wrigley’s Double Mint.  The laser’s size is that of a pencil eraser.  The larger spot size of the BBL handpiece makes the treatment faster, more effective, and ensures no hairs are missed.  The BBL handpiece also pulses each follicle 10-12 times with low energy.  The laser pulses each follicle 1 time with high energy.  This high energy pulse from the laser creates a risk for burns and makes the treatment uncomfortable.  Laser hair removal treatments are often found on Groupon or advertised at a significantly discounted rate. A lot of times, these laser hair removal “special offers” do not include a substantial amount of treatments to get rid of the hair, or the treatment is so painful the patient does not return.

Quit wasting your money on razors and spa visits.  BBL is the most cost effective and the cheapest option for hair removal.  Have your body treated with BBL and save the money you would spend on waxing and shaving and take a relaxing vacation!

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