Are HRT Pellets Safe?

Are HRT Pellets Safe?
By Rick Smedley, RN

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an increasingly popular treatment plan for men and women going through hormonal changes. One of the most common questions we see online and hear in our HRT consultations is whether or not the use of HRT pellets is safe. I’m here to break it down so you can make an informed decision about your health.

What are HRT pellets?

Medically speaking, HRT pellets are formed from micronized powder that has been pushed together (“compounded”) to form pellets in specific doses. They are the most natural method of delivering hormones into the body. While HRT pellets can sound intimidating at first, the implants are smaller than tic-tacs and naturally dissolve in 3-6 months.

To ensure the right amount of hormones are inserted, we test your levels:

  • Before your initial pellet insertion
  • 5 weeks after your first insertion (known as your “peak” labs)
  • 2 ½ months after insertion (female “trough” labs) OR 4 months after insertion (male “trough” labs)
  • Recurring labs every 3-6 months

What’s the difference between synthetic vs. bio-identical?

When people talk about HRT, they often don’t understand there’s a big difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones. Instead, they lump both types into one category. This is a huge mistake.

Synthetic hormones have been chemically altered in a lab to resemble naturally-occurring hormones. Pharmaceutical companies do this so they can apply for patent protection, as well as obtain FDA-approval, get insurance coverage, and generate higher profit margins.

Bio-identical hormones, on the other hand, are chemically-identical to the naturally-occuring hormones once produced in your body. All of their behaviors and interactions with your other hormones, cells, and medications are the exact same as your natural hormones. But, because these hormones are natural, they can’t be patented or approved by the FDA. This tends to make people nervous, but it shouldn’t. It simply means natural hormones are healthier and safer for your body! 

What does Your Wellness Center use?

Our office only uses bio-identical hormones. We believe in natural and holistic health, and studies have repeatedly shown that bio-identical is better than synthetic or not replacing at all.

We offer two types of natural HRT pellets:

  • Testosterone – a compounded testosterone pellet for men and women
  • Estradiol – a natural form of estrogen for women

How do I get started with HRT?

You can either call our office at 513-791-9474 or submit a consultation form to get started. We’ll start with scheduling a simple blood draw, which you can do in our office or at partner locations. Once we get your results back, we will schedule a consultation with our providers to go over your individual results and create a unique treatment plan for you.

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