Are Botox Injections Permanent?

Are Botox Injections Permanent?
By Kaitlyn Hunter, FNP

Botox and Dysport (a different brand of the purified Botulinum Toxin) are one of the biggest trends in aesthetics right now, and for good reason. When properly injected by a trained specialist, Botox helps weaken tight muscles for improved relaxation and facial lines.

With the rise in popularity, we commonly get asked two important questions:

Is Botox Permanent?

No, injections are not permanent. They will last anywhere from 3-5 months. It all depends on factors such as age, metabolism, and activity level.

The temporary nature makes it safer and more effective as an anti-aging treatment plan, because it gives the provider and client opportunities to monitor health developments and new aesthetic goals. That being said, we typically recommend re-injections while there is still Botox left in your muscles, so that your muscles are still accustomed to the relaxation mode.

Are Botox Results Instant?

Not quite. Most people will start to see results around 7 days after the initial injection. The full effect, however, takes up to 2 weeks to be seen. This is because it takes time to fully integrate with muscle tissues and relax them.

Image of a female consultant examining a patient's skin for treatment as the patient holds a mirror

Considering Injections for the First Time? Start here. 

I always recommend starting gradually by only using a very small amount for the first injection. This will give you an idea of how Botox will affect your wrinkles. It’ll also help soothe the fear of ending up with a face that looks “stuck” or “frozen”. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian often look “overdone” because they have a lot of money and time to devote to aesthetics. Most people don’t have the same resources or want the same appearance, which is fine!

Every client who walks through my door leaves with an understanding of their goals, how Botox can work for them, and a budget for their unique plan (Botox is $11/unit). To schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your desired look, simply fill out our online consultation form.

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