9 Evidence-Backed Resolutions about Testosterone

9 Evidence-Backed Resolutions about Testosterone
By Judy Couch, FNP-C

Many of the men that come to see us – from 30 years old to 65+ – exhibit symptoms of testosterone deficiency. They feel depressed, anxious, unmotivated, and suffer from erectile dysfunction, weight gain, low libido, and/or a general low sense of well-being. They hate the way they are feeling, and often express frustration with their bodies and typical western medicine.

As hormone experts specialized in European medical research, we step in to help clients understand why their body is struggling to feel good. To their surprise, most lab results reveal a large testosterone deficiency – for both men and women (while testosterone is frequently associated with men because they have higher levels, testosterone is also an important hormone for women).

To correct deficiencies and help men reach their optimal levels, we use a program called Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT). NHRT uses testosterone that is chemically-identical to the naturally-occurring hormone produced in your body. To this day, however, we still meet men who are nervous about starting NHRT because of statistics they’ve heard that aren’t based on true medical literature.

Luckily for men, the world’s leading international experts got together two years ago to discuss testosterone therapy (T-therapy) for men. The experts – whose specialties included urology, endocrinology, diabetology, and internal medicine – developed nine consensus resolutions.

The 9 evidence-backed resolutions

  1. Improved quality of life: Testosterone is a well-established, significant medical condition that negatively impacts male sexuality, reproduction, general health, and quality of life.
  2. Improved symptoms: The symptoms of low testosterone levels may benefit from treatment, regardless of whether there is an identified cause.
  3. A global concern: Testosterone deficiency is a global public health concern.
  4. Rational and effective: T-therapy for men is effective, rational, and evidence-based.
  5. No specific threshold for treatment: There is no testosterone threshold that reliably distinguishes those who will respond to treatment from those who will not.
  6. No specific age recommended: There is no scientific basis for any age-specific recommendations against the use of T-therapy in men.
  7. No increased risk of cardiovascular issues: The evidence does not support increased risks of cardiovascular events with T-therapy.
  8. No increased risk of prostate cancer: The evidence does not support increased risks of prostate cancer with t-therapy.
  9. More research is needed: The evidence supports a major research initiative to explore possible benefits of T-therapy for cardiometabolic disease and diabetes.

How are you feeling?

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, lack of motivation or low-libido, we can help relieve your symptoms with NHRT. To understand where your hormone levels stand, we draw your blood and send it to a laboratory for analysis. We then review the results with you to determine which part of our bioidentical hormone therapy would best transform your life and get you back to feeling like you.

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