6 Remarkably Easy Ways to Lose Weight Before the New Year

6 Remarkably Easy Ways to Lose Weight Before the New Year
By Alyssa Kessel, RDN, LD, Expert Dietitian

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s tempting to simply throw in the towel and forget your health goals for the remainder of the year. Even with the best intentions, we all have our slip-ups and that’s okay. Rather than feeling guilty, focus on the positive steps you can take to get back on track.

This December, I challenge you to continue – or even start – working towards a healthier you! To help you get moving, I’ve pulled my top 6 tips for getting back on track after Thanksgiving.

1. Move past the guilt.

Put your energy towards taking control of what is ahead of you. Michelle May, M.D., author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat, said it best:

“Enjoying the holidays and being too busy to workout comes with the territory, and it’s nothing to shame yourself about.”

Accepting that is the first step to moving forward.

2. Remember your goals.lose weight

You’ve made some good progress so far, so don’t give up on it. With only one month remaining this year, reflect back on where you started and what you’re working towards. If you did overindulge, then don’t be afraid of revising your current goals. Make them something that you can achieve!

3. Don’t skip meals.

Don’t try to “make up” for the extra calories you ate by skipping meals; this can leave you feeling hungrier. Instead, focus on eating lean protein and lots of fresh vegetables, and avoid sugar.

The protein and fiber in the vegetables help slow digestion (which will help you feel full longer) and keep your metabolism going. For extra motivation, cook your favorite meal (that is part of your weight loss plan) or find a new healthy recipe that excites you. Both of these can help get you back on track with your healthy eating routine.

4. Work it out.

Exercising is a great way to get you back on track after holiday eating. One way to feel better quickly is to burn glycogen, the carbs your body stores when you’ve eaten more starches than usual. Get your muscles moving and heart rate up to burn this off:

  • Start your gym membership now before the New Year crowd heads in.
  • Sign up for something you’ve never tried before for a healthy jumpstart.
  • Return to your favorite workout routine for renewed motivation.

5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Image of two small PurAqua water bottles and a small green plant in a white pot

I’ve said it before, but water is the key to your weight loss success (you should actually aim for 96 oz of water each day). In fact, water:

  • Supports optimal metabolism and naturally curbs your appetite
  • Flushes out excess sodium to help you debloat quickly
  • Gets your digestive system moving to relieve constipation

Don’t stress too much about the number on the scale the day after a holiday, because some of that gain may only be water weight.

6. Prepare for the next holiday.

The holiday season doesn’t represent only one day of overeating. For most people, it starts around October or November and goes through the New Year. This means there’s an overwhelming amount of candy, desserts, snacks, appetizers, alcohol, and dinners that lead to the holiday weight gain.

Temptations are everywhere, so you need to keep your focus by remembering and reflecting on your goals. You have control over the choices you make. So decide to make the holidays more about your friends and family and take the attention off of food.

Remember, it’s okay to not have perfect days when it comes to food and exercise. What’s important is how you choose to move past those days.

Don’t wait until the New Year to set up goals and start your health journey. If you need help this holiday season to stay on track or start working towards your weight loss, fill out our online form to get started.

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