5 Big Myths about Lip Fillers (and Why They’re False)

By Kaitlyn Hunter, MedSpa Nurse Practitioner

Many women looking at lip fillers want to enhance the natural shape of their lips; they either have really thin lips or want just a touch more volume. Unfortunately, people tend to have a negative mindset about filler because of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who, in my opinion, get way too much filler and end up with puffy lips. We start associating any lip filler with those overly large lips.

To help dispel the stigma and encourage more women to take that next step to feel more confident, I’m going to breakdown the biggest misconceptions around lip fillers. Hopefully, a little education (and reassurance) from an experienced injector will help soothe your concerns. Let’s get to it!

Myth #1: Lip filler results in large, puffy lips

Image of a tiny teaspoon filled with sugar and someone's fingers holding it

This isn’t the case at all. When you see individuals who have really large, kind of ducky, unnatural-looking lips, they have way more than one syringe of filler. This is not the norm. Filler is meant to be put in modestly and naturally, so you can pick the size that you want.

To ensure your lips are the size you want them, we only place one syringe (only ⅕ of a teaspoon) in your lips at a time. If you decide you want more volume, you would need to schedule multiple treatments. Injecting filler in the lips too quickly is what creates that puffy, almost translucent appearance (as if you can see the filler through the skin). By spacing it over a few months, you’ll get a more natural look.

Myth #2: Lip filler is permanent

If you decide you don’t like the size, the way it looks, or if you went to an unskilled injector, you can have the filler dissolved. If you choose this route, we will inject a reversal agent that will dissolve the filler within a week (though it is usually gone in 2-3 days).

Myth #3: Your lips will feel stiff and unnatural

Many people believe their lips will feel stiff and hard after injections. This really depends on the type and amount of filler injected. They should feel pretty normal and soft, but may feel firmer if you desire that result. I tend to go for more of a natural, softer feel, so I will mainly use the fillers that provide that look.

Myth #4: You don’t need a consultation

Some places may let you schedule an injection without a consultation, but I highly recommend you talk to a provider first. For example, your provider should discuss:

  • Your concerns and goals
  • The best plan for your lips
  • How often you need injections
  • What type of filler you should use

When you meet your provider, it may also be beneficial to bring photos of the lips you do and don’t like. This will help the injector get an accurate representation of what you’re looking for with your lips.

Myth #5: There’s no post-care needed.

There’s always a chance of swelling and/or bruising, by nature of filler being an injection treatment. I recommend scheduling this appointment during a few down days when you don’t have any social events. You can help prevent swelling by maintaining a low sodium diet, as well as icing on and off every 30-45 minutes for a few days post-treatment.

If you have more questions about lip fillers, make sure to check out our dermal filler information page. We have real before-and-after pictures, a video breaking down the process, and a few more FAQs.

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