4 Things to Expect for First Time Botox Injections

4 Things to Expect for First Time Botox Injections
By Kaitlyn Hunter, FNP

Chances are you actually know someone who has had Botox or Dysport (another brand of purified Botulinum Toxin) injections – you just can’t tell. TV and movies continue to perpetuate the myth that your face will be so “frozen” that you won’t be able to make any facial movements. But this is only the case if you have millions of dollars to spend (and an insatiable appetite to “fix” your appearance) like celebrities.

Normal people like you and me don’t have the same kind of resources or desires as those constantly in the public eye. So why are we so hesitant or intimidated to try new treatments that can boost our body confidence?

I like to tell my clients that they should treat their quarterly injections the same way they do their manicure or hair coloring appointments. All 3 are just routine maintenance appointments about every 3 months to keep them feeling their best!

That being said, what can you expect if you are interested in Botox for the first time?

1. A 5-Minute Consultation

The very first step with new clients is to review their anatomy. This helps you picture how Botox can benefit your fine lines and wrinkles. This is the also your chance to ask questions – and no question is embarrassing. I want you to understand why we inject in certain areas and how long Botox results will last.

We’ll also discuss what to expect after the injection. While most people won’t experience any side effects, there is a slight chance you could react with slight swelling, bruising, or redness. You can reduce the chance by avoiding alcohol, fish oil, Advil, and Aleve for a few days before the treatment. If you do have bruising, you can use Arnica Cream to accelerate the healing.

2. Skin Preparation

We’ll wash your skin with alcohol pads to remove any makeup and bacteria from your skin. If you are concerned about pain, I will provide an ice pack to hold on the treatment areas prior to injection.

3. The Injections

A very fine needle is injected into your muscles to release a small, specific amount of Botox. You could feel a subtle burning or pinching sensation, but most patients rate it very low on the pain scale.

4. Post-Care Follow-Up

We’ll discuss post-care steps, such as no physical activity for 24 hours and only light touching of the face. All new patients are scheduled for a follow-up appointment 2 weeks after the initial injection for touch-ups, if needed. I also get new clients signed up with either Brilliant Distinctions (by Botox-maker Allergan) or Aspire (by Dysport-maker Galderma), rewards programs that help you earn money off future injections.

Are you ready to learn more?

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